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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 19, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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we'll tell you how long people have been camped out here coming up. good morning to you. welcome to thursday august 19th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. >> good morning. thank you. we have mostly cloudy skies. it's more fog today than yesterday when it was the high overcast. high pressure built in so it's squashing it again. mist back in towards the coast and bay. once that burns off it will be warmer inland with upper 80s and near 90 for some. 60s and 70s closer to the bay. right now 80 westbound looks pretty good. a lot of people are out there surprising how many people there are for this early in the morning. toll plaza little miniback up at the toll plazacoming westbound. nothing going to slow you too much. be aware that it's there.
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another update on traffic in minutes. fire crews called to the scene of a suspicious fire in vacaville overnight. it broke out around midnight at vacaville high school. crews are still investigating. but it's believed somebody broke a window and then deliberately set a portable classroom on fire. the blaze reported quickly by a neighbor. crews say they were able to put the fire out before it spread beyond the one portable structure. the school year there is already underway and as far as we know classes will be held today. so far there's been no word on damage estimates but investigators say they'll use surveillance video to track down whoever is responsible. time now 5:01. police investigating several small arson fires. the latest was sunday night at jordan middle school where a man found a burning towel. two teenage boys were seen running from that area. that fire follows a dumpster
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fire at gunn high school august 3rd and a fire at a play structure in hoover park on july 7th. if you have any information about these, contact police. a san francisco police man hunt continues for two suspects wanted for a deadly overnight shooting. this happened at midnight in the city's tenderloin district. the victim a man between 30 and 40 years old found right in the middle of the street. he'd been shot several times. two men responded running from that scene but police recovered a semiautomatic weapon that may have been used in that shooting. the gun dumped in a mailbox a block away. that investigation continues. the contract dispute between ac transit and unions is headed back to court. voted yesterday to appeal a court order for the two sides to use a mediator to settle the dispute. the mediation is expected to start tomorrow. and ac transit says it will
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comply while the appeal is considered. ac transit will also appeal a separate order. one that blocks them from imposing new work rules. it is 5:02. we want to check in with sal to once again see what the problems are on the roads this early morning hour. >> good morning to you both. we do have some unusual slow traffic for this early hour in the morning in some places. but for the most part we're off to a nice start. this is a look at 80 westbound. a lot of cars out there. also good day to be aware that more schools are in session as the week goes on we have more and more schools coming back in. westbound bay bridge tollplaza a little back up. unusual to see a line waiting there at the cash pay booths. also this morning we're looking at 280 northbound. that traffic is moving along very nicely. no major problems right now reported in the south bay. thank you very much. we have a lot more fog.
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yesterday that fog lifted up a couple thousand feet and now high pressure's built in. temperatures in higher elevation asks much warmer smashing the fog bank. 54 to 59. lows are rung about three to four degrees cooler than they were at this time yesterday. 44 in tahoe. 50s, 60s and 70 down in southern california. water temperatures have warmed up. we had the low that wept in yesterday. that kind of set the trend for a warmer start to the morning. now that that's moved through high pressure's built in we're seeing cooler temperatures. warm through the interior kind of kick in today. that will be it though. after today then tomorrow we start to see a cooling trend. it will be a dramatic cooling trend into saturday and sunday. not so much in the way of fog i think yes on friday but then very windy conditions as we get into the latter part of the weekend. up to 90 degrees. jump up for some inland temps but i think the fog will win out closer to the coast. santa cruz had a pretty warm
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week. they've been mid-70s after the fog moves outs. cooling rather significantly into the weekend. time now 5:04. finding out more about cases of salmonella here in the bay area connected to the massive egg recall. there are reportedly about 25 salmonella cases in san francisco. 16 cases in alameda county. 22 cases in contra costa county. eight cases in san mateo county. and three cases in santa clara county. so far no deaths have been reported. >> fever, diarrhea, vomiting. sick a couple days usually they will recover. the disease is much more severe. >> other developments the egg recall has been dramatically expanded. now it includes 380 million eggs all over the country. thoroughly cooking theggs can
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kill the bacteria but health officials recommend throw away or return any of the recalled eggs. now to find the product numbers of the recalled eggs and their use by dates go to our channel 2 website at we have all that information. it's posted under the right now section. it is 5:05. ious are once again looming on california's horizon. state controller says the state is about to run out of money and he'll have to start issuing ious next month to businesses that contract with the state if a budget is not passed soon. california faces a $19 billion shortfall. and the budget is now 50 days overdue. this would be the second consecutive year ious are issued. and because of the late budget, furlough fridays are on again. and they are going into effect for most state workers tomorrow. the state supreme court sided with governor schwarzenegger yesterday and ruled that the
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furloughs can resume at least for now. this effects about 144,000 state employees. many of them have already suffered through a year and a half of furlough days. >> i have co-workers who have lost their homes. >> reporter: fore closure? >> that's correct. >> reporter: what about you? >> i'm filing for bankruptcy. >> he's calling for three unpaid days a month expected to save the state about $150 million. expected to continue while reviews are scheduled arguments scheduled to begin on september 8. time now 5:07. national guard troops about to be deployed along the california-mexico border. governor schwarzenegger says the deployment will start september 1st. this group will be the first of 224 california national guards men to be assigned there. it's all part of president obama's plan to deploy 1200
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national guards men along the border. they'll spend a year helping patrol agents to prevent illegal border crossings and smuggling. it's a big day for "american idol" hopefuls. auditions officially underway in just a few hours. we're at at&t park where people are already lined up. >> reporter: good morning, guys. that's right. we're here right in front of at&t park where we have thousands of people. if you take a look they've been camped out here many since midnight. they have thermoses full of coffee, honey and tea. some have come from as far as fairfield. they have been here running through their warm up exercises. here we go. here's one group a very rowdy bunch we were talking to earlier. hey, guys, are you going to sing us a song? >> yeah. we'll sing you a song. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: these folks have been here -- they actually registered -- registration has been open for about 48 hours. in a couple hours around 7:30
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they're going to be going inside the park for their audition. there's a lot of nerves out here. right now they're going to sing a song for us. all right. i'm yours. [ cheering and applause ] >> love you channel 2. >> reporter: this is the tenth season of "american idol." we have a lot of new judges, steven tyler with aerosmith just named as a new judge. ellen is out. simon is out. jennifer lopez is reportedly joining the panel. and the jury still out on kara. let's take a listen. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: as you can see a lot of recruiters here very excited. we have a lot of additional police officers out here. about a dozen patrolling the
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area making sure nothing gets out of hands. the auditions will start about 7:30. they're going to start singing at 10:00. they're going to be lining up all over the field inside of the ballpark. and if they make it, if they advance to the next round, they will be receiving that golden ticket and jetting off to hollywood. we're live in san francisco. ktvu channel 2 news. >> what order will they be allowed to go in. they have wristbands on them. >> reporter: i don't think they know. everybody just stood up in a crowd of about 15 minutes. the information is trickling out at the moment. producers are planning on holding a press conference in about an hour to let everybody know exactly what that protocol will be. >> they've been doing it for ten years so they should know what they're doing. thanks. >> if steven tyler is going to be the next "american idol"
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judge, may want to be more careful on stage. this youtube video shows him taking another tumble. there he goes. this time performing in toronto. he was reportedly not hurt. may remember thai her broke his shoulder last year after falling off a stage in south dakota. that injury was bad enough that aerosmith was forced to postpone its tour. i actually saw them in concert a while ago. it was good. it was loud. >> steven tyler. >> uh-huh. all right. our time now 5:11. still ahead house speaker once again stepping into the debate over whether a mosque should be built near ground zero in new york. we'll tell you what the speaker is saying now about investigating who's behind the uproar. way there may be a lot of current and former military members at the indy grand prix this weekend. and the last u.s. combat brigade has left iraq. i'll show you what's next for u.s. troops there coming up.
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it is 5:14. house speaker clarifying some comments she made about the proposed mosque near ground zero in new york city. earlier this week she called the mosque project a local zoning and urban development issue that new yorkers should decide for themselves. she also called for an investigation of those who she believes may be funding the opposition to the mosque. >> but there is no question that there is a concerted
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effort to make this a political issue by some. and i join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded. >> critics responded by saying speaker was trying to intimidate those who opposed the project so she issued a statement saying she was not calling for a formal investigation. she was just saying there's a need for transparency. the united states has hit a milestone. the last combat troops have left iraq and crossed into kuwait. we're live in the washington d.c. bureau with all the details. good morning, allison. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave. commanders in iraq say it is the end of the war as we know it. seven years and five months after the start of the war the last combat brigade is on its way home. you can see there were cheers and high fives as the fourth
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striker brigade second infantry division left iraq and rolled into kuwait this morning. ahead of president obama's august 31st deadline for getting combat troops off the battlefield. >> we are keeping the promise i made when i began my campaign for the presidency. by the end of this month we will have removed 100,000 troops from iraq and our combat mission will be over in iraq. >> reporter: but there are still 50,000 u.s. troop who is will stay in iraq for another year in a noncombat role. the state department is beefing up the number of security contractors to take over some of the jobs that have been done by u.s. troops. i'll have more on some of the challenges that remain in iraq during my next update in about an hour. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. the iraq war began march 20, 2003 with the shock and awe
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bombing baghdad. since then more than 14,000 men and women have died. almost 32,000 wounded. no confirmed number of iraqi casualties but estimates range from 50,000 to as many as 600,000. 5:16. members of the military can get free tickets to this sunday's indy grand prix in sonoma. the tickets for troops program will provide approximately 10,000 tickets to active duty service members or veterans of the national guard, navy, army, air force, marines and coast guard. tickets are also available for military families. pg&e and uso are helping distribute the tickets. the race way designated this sunday as military appreciation day. by the way, if you see fighter jets streaking in the skies overhead today relax. a north american aerospace defense plan wants to reassure you it's all a drill.
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mostly visible over the skies of sacramento. they will involve fighter jets and a transport plan. they're testing the ability to intercept and identify potentially hostile aircraft. all right. it is 5:17. we want to check in with sal and take a look at the roads this morning. >> little minitraffic jam in san francisco near at&t park for those of you who may want to just stop to get a donut or usually that area's empty at this time. you should be ware of the idol try outs going on. thousands of people down there. kind of looks like a baseball game. you may want to keep that in mind if you are on a tight schedule. just want to run in somewhere. i think all the parking spots around there are gone now. let's go ahead and take a look at westbound highway 4. westbound 4 coming up to the willow pass grade looks good. no major problems. this morning's commute looks pretty nice if you are driving on the bay bridge approach. and that may have been one of the reasons why we saw that unusual slow traffic coming in to san francisco this morning.
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a lot of people coming in to the at&t park area. 880 open. traffic moving well in both directions. 5:18. here's steve. all right. sal, thank you. we have a little change today. yesterday we had the low to the north and that lifted the fog also burned it off. sunny and breezy but cooler inland. today high pressure builds back in and smashes it. we're back into the fog and mist. once it burns off it will be warmer especially inland. temperatures will jump up about five or seven degrees. the system that was responsible for our fog yesterday lifting and then clearing out has moved rapidly out of the picture. a lot of gray on the coast. it's not as high up as it was yesterday. so fog and mist then sunny and warmer. 60s, 70s to near 90 for some. san jose at 59 degrees. still some mild conditions. but a little bit cooler towards the coast san francisco. yesterday at this time it was 58. today it's 54. little difference there. 41 tahoe. sacramento at 55. same for monterey. that system moves out and high
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pressure builds in. a series of lows another one will come in tomorrow that one right there will work its way in and cool down. a whopper of a low comes in sets up shop friday, saturday and sunday. that's going to do two things. first pick up the fog and increase it and also the wind will carry into the cooler weekend. so after today's warm up we'll have a cooling trend that's going to last for at least a couple days. looks warmer early next week though. but today warm and then three days of cooler weather. fog and mist gives way to sunshine and warmer weather especially away from the coast. 80s to near 90s degrees. 60s, 70s by the beaches. 70s and upper 70s working your way away from the fog. it will be sunny but windy and cool on sunday then warmer on monday. 5:20. european markets opened the day with small losses but asian shares closed trade with modest
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gains. japan gained more than 1% although concerns over the strong yen remain. tech shares fueled upward momentum in japan and south korea after reports of increasing demand across asia. markets in hong kong, china and australia finished on the upside. looking at where the markets will started to slight gain yesterday. stock futures right now are slightly higher anticipating some fresh reports that will signal the economy continues to grow although very slowly. the biggest report of the day is likely to be the weekly report on unemployment benefits. that comes out in just about nine minutes. after nearly a week of questions about the timing, gm is finally filed the first paperwork required to hold an initial public offering of stock. that is the first step for gm executives to regain control of the company. right now the government owns 61% of gm after bailing out the automaker last year. gm believes it can raise enough money to pay back loans that
5:22 am
would give it majority control of the company. no stocks sale to date has been set. time now 5:21. one bay area fire chief is taking heat this morning. up next the pictures some say prove the chief is wasting city money. plus the one reason why ten bay area public schools are suddenly being forced to shut down. good morning. northbound 280 traffic looking pretty good driving right through highway 17. but we'll tell you about an unexpected slow down. we'll tell you why coming up. it's not back-to-school, it's forward to what's next
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with an hp netbook, samsung reality or lg cosmos for under $20 after rebate. got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--bu not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming.
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that's why we bought a subaru. good morning. little bit of mist around the bay. upper 80s and 9 0z closer around the coast back into the low and mid-60s and few 70s. today the national park service will conduct a controlled burn in the golden gate national recreation area north of the golden gate bridge. the goal is to burn off nonnative plants east of the visitor's center. rangers are hoping that will allow plants needed by an endangered butterfly species to grow back. the number of mission blue butterflies is dropping because development has wiped out the
5:26 am
plants the butterflies need to survive. they won't know how successful today's burn is until next spring. that's when they see which plants will sprout. 5:25. the alameda firefighters union is questioning one of the perks as fire chief as the department faces deep budget cuts. witnesses say these pictures show chief filling up his personal car at the city gas pump last saturday. the chief says he is doing nothing wrong and that free gas is part of his compensation for being on call 24/7. that does not sit well with the firefighters union. >> they've had to close fire stations, eliminate positions and now you have a department head that's able to use city fuel for all of his personal activities. >> ktvu looked at the chief's contract. it shows a $250 a month private
5:27 am
vehicle allowance but not a specific perk for free gas. the chief says the gas perk was part of a verbal agreement but that he is willing to renegotiate his contract. time now 5:26. a new law forcing a small but critical safety change is prompting the shut down of several pools in alameda county. the concern is with the main drains on the floor of the pools. state and federal laws have went into full effect july 1st require all public pools to replace old drain covers with brand new ones. >> old covers were tendency to be more flat and i think one of the problems associated with that is that there might be a possibility of a suction hazard. >> alameda county has shut down an average of ten pools a week since that law took effect. inspectors in all other bay area counties are warning public pools and spas. they have to make the change by the end of summer or face
5:28 am
closure. well, coming up our time is now 5:27. law enforcement agencies may return to western marin county again this morning to continue a major bust of illegal pot farms. also arson investigators are at the scene of a suspicious fire. this is vacaville high school. we'll tell you what police are doing to catch whoever might have started the fire. and more than two dozen roller coaster riders had more of an adventure than expected at six flags kingdom. good morning. southbound 680 traffic looking pretty good passing mission boulevard heading down to the south bay. more about the morning commute coming up. guys remember,
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good morning to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news thursday august 19th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. pam cook has the day off. it is 5:30. what's happening with weather and traffic this morning? >> thank you. we have fog back again. yesterday we had high overcast. now it's back down on the deck. fog and mist but burns off sooner for inland areas but they warm up upper 70s and low 80s. today near 90 and even around the bay mid to upper 70s all along the coast back into the mid-60s. santa cruz seems to be having a warmer week. we'll go 75 down there. traffic moving well on 880 north and southbound as well. no major problems here.
5:32 am
no major problems to the downtown oakland area. not a big delay at the toll plaza and once you get there good on the freeway system. 5:31. back to the desk. in the news right now there's a warning this morning and security will be tighter today for students at briarwood elementary in santa clara. police are beefing up security at the school on towns end avenue after vandals scrolled graffiti threatening to set off a bomb tomorrow. a letter was sent out on monday telling them of the extra precautions briarwood will be taking. the school will be opened tomorrow while police officers make their patrols. 5:32. police in fairfield are trying to identify a rob wore a wig and a fake beard while robbing a clothing store monday night. the man who robbed the clothes store on west texas was reportedly african-american, about 6'1" weighing 180 pounds.
5:33 am
he was wearing black clothing plus a shoulder length wig and a fake goatee. nobody was hurt. fairfield police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. federal, state and local law enforcement agencies may continue a second day of raids on illegal marijuana farms in western marin county. the exact location still have not been revealed but roads into the area around tempe lake and mt. tamalpais were closed yesterday. the sheriff department says the raids are in response to an alarming trend of people coming into contact with armed pot growers. san francisco police say they have arrested an 18-year- old man in connection with a stabbing of a muni bus passenger. investigators say the victim, a 35-year-old man, saw clark and a young woman arguing at the back of the 29 sunset bus and tried to intervene when clark
5:34 am
slapped the woman. the victim was stabbed several times but wounds are not life threatening. police were able to identify clark from the bus' surveillance footage. time now 5:33. if the state legislature passes a bill this month parents could face jail time and stiff fines if their children skip school. the oakland school district reports more than 18% of its students in kindergarten through the eighth grade missed at least five full days of school without being excused during the past school year. now parents could face misdemeanor charges if their children miss 10% of the school year. in san francisco has been officially evicted by san francisco but the club's lawyer says they're not going anywhere. that club on pier 50 has been the scene of three shootings in three years including july 19th. jelly's failed to improve security and gave the club until midnight last night to
5:35 am
vacate that building. the owners have gone to court. they're claiming the port terminated their lease only after they discovered pipes belonging to the port were leaking into the bay. a memorial and a fundraiser held last night in oakland for the family of a man shot to death after being robbed for $17. he was killed july 18th the night before he was to be interviewed for a job at google. the man and woman who allegedly robbed him were captured on surveillance video. they've been arrested, they've been charged with murder. the family says they didn't have enough money for a funeral. organizers released results of the fundraiser later this week. a ride became an ordeal yesterday. >> we got there and then we stopped.
5:36 am
i was like we were probably stopping for a quick moment. >> that wasn't the case. 24 people were on the coaster as it began its second reverse loop. it became stuck in the up right position about here just before 2:00 this afternoon -- just before 2:00 in the afternoon. a woman riding with her children claims the park was slow in responding. she used her cell phone to call the office. >> i was concerned about the heat and being stuck with no water and kids dehydrate pretty quickly. >> park employees brought water to the riders and tried to entertain them until mechanics were able to get the coaster working again. the stranded riders were given free passes and allowed to move to the front of the line on some of the other rides. time now 5:36. cal train is looking for ways to close a $2.3 million budget deficit. one idea being considered would be eliminating weekend service. that would save more than $200,000 a year.
5:37 am
another idea, stop the service on the gill roy extension. that would save $385,000. cal train could also raise fares and its monthly go pass. cal train is asking for public input tonight. meetings in san francisco, san carlos and san jose. 5:36. let's check in once again with sal to see if things are starting to back up at the toll plaza. >> they're not starting to back up, but people are coming in to san francisco unusually early. i think a lot of people are downtown early for the "american idol" tryouts. parks spots are gone. if you're not going to that area of town i don't think you should be worried. if you happen to work on town send or any of those areas where it's normally very quiet, it's not this morning. 24 westbound heading over to the scald cot tunnel pretty
5:38 am
good. 101 and 280 looking good north and southbound as you drive down onor up to the peninsula. traffic looks great. 5:37. let's go to steve. thank you. little change today. it will be warmer once we get through the fog. yesterday we had the fog lift way up there around 2,000 feet. now it's a lot lower. fog and mist. but our cool summer pattern continues. no sign of any change in this pattern. even if we have a little warm up right back into a cooler pattern. some near 90. morgan hill, brentwood to vacaville of course. but the weekend looks cooler and windy as a very strong system moves in in the pacific northwest and digs into northern california. we had one yesterday that did though give us sunshine after it moved through cool air aloft just couldn't support that cloud deck but it cooled off. today we have high pressure building in and that means it's
5:39 am
back to the fog. san francisco at this time yesterday was 58. they're 54 now. pretty good little drop. four degrees in weather that means a lot. 57, 60, high of 64. 60s on the coast, 70s on the bay. upper 80s to low 90s inland and the key is that the sea breeze and mt. tamalpais higher elevations have jumped up. eight degrees warmer than yesterday. they plunged about ten degrees and now they're back up. that's why the fog is down on the deck. mill valley 52. 18-degree spread. crockett in there as well. dublin 55. and belmont 57. 50s and 60s warmed up in southern california. sacramento is 55. a little delta breeze. about half of what it was at travis yesterday at this time i think it was 14. yesterday 30 miles an ur. there in also lies a warmer inland forecast. but a series of lows one to the left of your screen and a really strong one coming in
5:40 am
right there that will be the one for the weekend. as that moves in we'll get warm weather today for some by the coast 60s and 70s. cooling trend starts tomorrow and then it really drops into friday and especially saturday. i think it will be cool enough that it will wipe out the base of the fog and we'll have a windy but sunny sunday. foggy mist and sunny and warmer. especially away from the coast. breezy at times. still a component of a west wind. 60s, 70s and over those coastal hills. mid-80s to upper 80s and low 9 0z. cool it down and windy into the latter part of the weekend. early next week warmer but the extended looks cooler again. time now 5:40. "american idol" may have a new judge. hollywood reports say the lead singer of aerosmith, steven tyler, has signed to join the hit tv show. he reportedly signed a deal late last week with the producer. we're also hearing jennifer lopez may also be joining the show. those two would replace simon
5:41 am
and ellen. a fourth judge has reportedly been fired from the show. the auditions for "american idol" are about to start this morning at at&t park. they're singing already. now the tryouts won't really start for at least another two hours but you can see thousands of people already lined up right in front of the ballpark as we speak. many started capping out at midnight. ktvu is out there with these hopefuls right now. tara will bring us a live report in about 30 minutes. a new study shows children who were exposed to pesticides before they were born are more likely to develop attention disorders later. the uc berkeley study found prenatal levels of so-called pesticides were linked to attention problems among
5:42 am
children at age 5 the effects stronger among boys. the study followed 300 children and father and motherlies and families and continue to monitor them. adults can be sued if they serve alcohol to underage drinkers who end up dead or injured as a result. it was already illegal for adults to provide alcohol to underage drinkers but the previous law protected adults from a possible civil lawsuit. in signing the bill the governor said it is part of his responsibility to protect underage citizens from alcohol. time now 5:42. fire crews called to the scene of a suspicious fire in vacaville overnight. it started about midnight at vacaville high school. crews are still investigating this but it's believed somebody broke a window and deliberately set a portable classroom on fire. the fire was quickly reported by neighbors. the crews say they were able to
5:43 am
get the fire out before it spread beyond one poable structure. the school year is already starting and as far as we know classes will be held today. so far no word on the damage estimates but investigators say they're going to use surveillance video to track down whoever's responsible. it is 5:42. still ahead a warning for celebrity watchers. you could be at risk if you search for the latest gossip on your favorite movie stars. also you may get more than you bargain for if you dial the phone number listed on the older fast track transponders. [ female announcer jcp cash is on the spot savings.
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good morning. very foggy for some this
5:46 am
morning. once it burns off them we'll have warmer weather especially inland. 80s to near 90. 60s and 70s towards the coast and bay. all right. welcome back. good morning to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following at 5:45. a policeman hunt police man hunt is undergoing after a man was stabbed in the tenderloin district. the big egg recall dramatically expanded analso finding out more about salmonella cases here in the bay area connect today that recall. reportedly more than 100 people have become sick here. the united states reached a milestone in the more than seven year iraq war. the last of the combat troops have left iraq. they have crossed into kuwait. that's two weeks ahead of the president's deadline. 56,000 troops remain there to
5:47 am
help train iraqi security forces. if you want to catch up on the latest celebrity news, there is a warning this morning. cameron diaz and jessica beal top the list of the riskiest celebrities to look up online. criminals use the sites to link users to malicious websites that could infect their computers with viruses. once a virus starts spreading they can steal e-mail and critical pass words leading to identity theft. time now 5:47. the chp says the celebrity plastic surgeon killed in a car crash in malibu was texting while driving. this report says dr. frank ryan texting on his phone when his car careened off a cliff right near his home. his ex-girlfriend says the 50- year-old doctor was tweeting about his dog which was also in that car. earlier this year ryan was criticized for performing ten surgical procedures in one day
5:48 am
on actress heidi monotag. his death is a reminder of how dangerous it is to be distracted while you drive. triple a is issuing a warning about driving with pets especially dogs. triple a released a survey showing almost 60% of dog owners say they have driven while being distracted by their pets. two-thirds of the dog owners routinely drive while petting or playing with their dogs. triple a says that's just as dangerous as texting or talking on the phone. 5:48. drivers who have had fast track for over eight years may want to think twice before dialing toll free number on the device. it turns out fast track transponders purchased before 2002 have a customer service number that goes to a phone sex line. the metropolitan transportation commission says the number worked when it was issued but picked up by a phone sex company when fast track changed the number to 877-bay toll. that's the number you need to
5:49 am
call for more information. >> i don't need to call. i'll leave that alone. time now 5:48. what's happening on the roads? >> that explains a lot. okay. good. let's go outside and take a look at what we have now. traffic is moving along pretty well at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound coming in to san francisco. no major problems on the bridge. in san francisco looks pretty good. foggy. crowd near at&t park for the tryouts but the rest of the city seems quiet now so far any way. 880 north and southbound that traffic looks good right here in front of the coliseum. as a matter of fact we're doing pretty well f. you're driving in from the livermore valley -- let me move this to a little bit. you see the red on the right side there trafficlingment coming in heading west toward livermore and dublin. pretty good. if you're driving across the san mateo bridge looks nice. and 101 near the airport is in good shape. here's steve.
5:50 am
thank you, sir. we had the system yesterday that gave us some clouds that were pretty high actually and then burned off sunny breezy to windy but a cool down inland. that moves out and high pressure builds in and that means a little warmer today. fog again back on the deck great visibility even on the coast yesterday. people were tweeting me saying i can see forever finally. 60, 70 and near 90 inland as temperatures will jump up. 50s, 54 to 59 although some of the higher elevations are unking about eight degrees warmer than yesterday. a sign high pressure is building in and sea breeze cut in half out towards the delta we have very warm to hot conditions. finally warming in southern california. that system moves out and the high builds in. here comes the source of our big cool down. another stronger system right up there will set up shop off the west coast. today a little warmer. stronger system interacts giving us a significant cooling
5:51 am
trend. enough to wipe out the fog. fog on the increase friday into saturday and sunday i think will be a windy day but sunny for most. thursday, fog, sunny and warm today. breezy at times. still get the west-southwest wind. we don't lose that completely. it will be warmer to hot for some. that's pretty far inland though. low clouds, breezy, cooling trend friday. carries into sunday. sunny and breezy and warmer on monday. thank you, steve. ten minutes before 6:00. the labor department just released the newest unemployment numbers. and the news is worse than expected. first time claims jump by 12,000 to half a million. it's the third consecutive week the number has risen and the highest level since november of last year. economists have expected the number to drop. that report has wiped out what was a sharp rise in stock futures this morning due to news just a few minutes ago that intell is buying mack fee
5:52 am
which also calls santa clara home. intell will pay $48 a share for a total of $7.7 billion. that is a 62% premium over their closing price yesterday. ups launched a service that lets customers drop packages at u.s. postal services. right now the program is for consumers returning packages for some retailers. after a return package is dropped at the post office, ups picks it up and sends it through big brown's ground network. fed ex and the postal service teamed up for a similar service for the holiday season last year. all right. time now 5:52. all over the bay area kids are heading back to school and parents usually spend tons of money on school supplies. but with this economy kill back to school spending? we'll tell you what the retailers say. they're not your usual house pets. we'll show you a lady who has a wild taste in animals.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
a man herding sheep near morgan hill. the body of the 24-year-old from san jose was found early friday morning above the reservoir. investigators say he was near an illegal marijuana farm and
5:56 am
they're trying to determine if he was killed or if he had any relationship to the pot farm. time now 5:55. consumer confidence may be low but back to school spending is booming. the national retail federation predicts the average family will spend more than $600 on school supplies this year. that's about $60 more than last year. with most of it spent on clothing and computers. normally shopping is slowing down in a lot of areas by now, but instead the buying seems to be increasing. >> different this year because for the first time in two years parents are saying they're going to spend more. >> the experts say this is the first year social media marketing has become mainstream. and they say the two retailers have been doing the best job of it target and jc pennys. you can see finger licking
5:57 am
good. just watch out for your fingers. an australian woman shares her home with exotic animals including crocodiles that enjoy chicken. she says she's never enjoyed pets that like to cuddle. good thing. they don't look very cudly. >> he opened his eyes when you said that. >> yeah. i'll stay far away from him. sal what is your occupation are you seeing on the roads? >> nothing like that that's for sure. let's go out and see what we have with the live pictures. i want to show you traffic on 280 northbound looks good heading up to highway 17. also 680 is in good shape heading to the south bay where it's getting a bit more crowded. and in the east bay highway 4 crowded in antioch but here in bay point still looks okay. now back to the desk. all right. thank you, sal. police are searching for two gunmen in san francisco. the latest on a man hunt after a body is found in the middle of the street. and a suspicious fire in a
5:58 am
bay area high school, but who set it? we'll be live with the latest on the investigation.
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